by Taking On Poseidon

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    releases 04 November 2014

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Ground Zero
Ghost Town


releases 04 November 2014



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Track Name: Serpents
At the end of my road I’m on the edge
I should sleep this away
I will never understand why I was made this way
You think you get it but you don’t
This deal is one of a kind
I remember the days of black and white so clearly
Wondering if this is the beginning of the end
The part of me that wants to die is alive and well
It’s a war that can only be won inside my own mind
And it’s a battle I refuse to lose
When I let these serpents inside my head the world loses it’s color to the demons it has fed
When I let them inside my head every day every day
Twisting my thoughts into complicated knots
The clock is ticking driving needles deep into my head
I don’t need the help that you can give
You’re just a serpent stuck on leading me astray
Dragging me into the dark but you failed
My thoughts have bled for a reason
I won’t follow you into the dark
I’ll find my own place and where I need to be
I put up walls to cage the animal that is me
I tried to put myself down and set my mind free
You think I need to be told that I’m more messed up than I should be?
I am the animal there is no escaping me.