Pittsburgh Left

by Taking On Poseidon

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Pittsburgh Left is one of two singles released by Taking On Poseidon during October of 2013 and is the first of their releases to feature new vocalist and front man, Matt Fourman.


You take life for granted
Let time pass you by
Eternally you fall
Please grab onto my
I will help to build you up
Your own strength will not be enough
Strong yes are made blind by longing hearts
Who tell their mind that their soul needs feeding
Lean not on these thoughts of what you know
Or what you've learned from the world of which you're a part
Your lungs ache and your hands shake
But your legs carry you as your feet are pleading
Your willing tongue will confess that you are done
But take a step back
You weren't the one who was bleeding
You're being led on a journey
And your struggle is within
But you slip through the cracks
Because your thoughts have been poisoned
You may not understand this all on your own
It's time to quit running because you're already home
Feet are running quick
And you're going to slip
Right back through the cracks
Snap back to reality
Feel like there is no
Place you can go
To escape all this hate
And emotional depravity
You can't tell me that things won't get better
Because I hope and I know and I pray that it'll be alright
I promise that things will get better
You'll just have to give it some time


released October 22, 2013



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Taking On Poseidon Austin, Texas

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