by Taking On Poseidon

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released November 4, 2014



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Taking On Poseidon Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Ground Zero
Hear me now
My world has fallen down trapping me in a cage
If your words were hands and your thoughts were clay just what would you create?
Track Name: Reckless
My vision is blurry and I can’t see straight
I’m reaching out for a ghost an attempt to avoid these devils hands
Do you believe we’re worth it?
I don’t want to die without any scars
I’m not ready to die this way
And I know we are the poison of everything that we wish to cure
And I know you’re losing sight of what makes you you
We need to stop living in this blind lie
Otherwise pick a spot to watch this world burn
This goes to show you’ll always reap what you blindly sow
Will we ever find a solution
We are so reckless
I’ll try not to hold my breath
We breathe life into our own problems then try to point fingers and name names
We’re living our lives so lifelessly
There’s room in this two by six for two if we can’t handle this
One day we’ll be left with nothing it’ll all be gone
Time is the worst enemy of this never-ending war
We used to be the most beautiful thing that this world has ever seen
You’re living life in the shadows
This world was made to be broken
Track Name: Serpents
At the end of my road I’m on the edge
I should sleep this away
I will never understand why I was made this way
You think you get it but you don’t
This deal is one of a kind
I remember the days of black and white so clearly
Wondering if this is the beginning of the end
The part of me that wants to die is alive and well
It’s a war that can only be won inside my own mind
And it’s a battle I refuse to lose
When I let these serpents inside my head the world loses it’s color to the demons it has fed
When I let them inside my head every day every day
Twisting my thoughts into complicated knots
The clock is ticking driving needles deep into my head
I don’t need the help that you can give
You’re just a serpent stuck on leading me astray
Dragging me into the dark but you failed
My thoughts have bled for a reason
I won’t follow you into the dark
I’ll find my own place and where I need to be
I put up walls to cage the animal that is me
I tried to put myself down and set my mind free
You think I need to be told that I’m more messed up than I should be?
I am the animal there is no escaping me.
Track Name: Daydreamer
Open your eyes your head’s in the clouds
Daydreams are better than what we have here now
Come Down and see the waste being laid to our homes
Open your eyes
Prepare yourself for the storm to come
We’re daydreaming our whole generation away
You think you see it all but your eyes are closed tight
How do you cope with the dark when your eyes are closed?
Ignoring what won’t go away there’s no longer a safe place to go
Where do I go to find my comfort zone
At least my daydreams carry me away
To a place I’ll have to call my home
You think you see it all but your eyes are closed tight
You’re lost inside your head with no direction
You’re seeking guidance in the darkest of places
Try to run this will destroy you
Running from what you know will never completely die
Daydreams sleep away everything you know
I won’t give anything my everything for it to end like this
I see you doing the walk and the talk with the devil
You won’t take my perfect world with you when you just let yours burn
It’s a piece of mine that is my only piece of mind
Track Name: Paranoid
Staring at this blank page my mind is just as empty
Of any room to breathe
Give me space just give me space
I begin to overheat
I will never lose right of my mind
I will always stay behind my lines
What will You find?
Running and running from what I don’t want to be
Instinct of survival still lies within me
There’s more than I will ever know
But I’ll keep knocking till I’m answered
Headaches and headaches until I lay down at night
Trying to catch this sleep that eludes me
I’ve knocked my own things out of my own hands
But if you can conquer yourself you are the greatest of kings
This paranoia will kill me
I refuse to be a prisoner in my head
You won’t take me captive
The universe is used to change your fate
So feed yourself with your own hand
Track Name: Ghost Town
The wind that passes through all these hollow streets
The years that were taken from me I will never see
Echo goes these thoughts in my head that I can’t escape
Echo stays this bitter taste that I can’t erase
I don’t need this weight dragging me down
I don’t need it I don’t need it
I don’t need to try to survive this drought
I don’t need it I don’t need it
Were you expecting a coward to just lay down and die like this
I’d rather swallow my tongue than this feeling of sadness and pity
You all will always be the same
Because there is no way out
You only have yourself to blame
You’re all stuck in this bed of quick sand
How does it feel to suffocate on your own faults?